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The consultants within WWOOF India Organics Pvt Ltd , have a wide range of disciplines and experience with the ability to provide farmer, growers, processors, packers and retailers with quality and cost effective advice and technical support right across the food chain on a national and international basis. As a client you can access all of this expertise.

The strength of the WWOOF India Organics Pvt Ltd team is the wide range of skills and expertise and the extensive network of organic sector contacts. These include organic farm business management advice, food production and procurement, protected cropping, horticulture, fruit, arable and root crop production, livestock management (dairy, poultry and pork), financial analysis, continuity programming, product development, food hygiene and safety, the development of quality systems cheaper certification options , and training to individuals, co-operative groups and corporate clients.

WWOOF INDIA is Involved In

  • Development projects
  • Development of Certification and Standards for organic agriculture
  • Organic (or ecological) production
  • Market support for organic products
  • Demonstration farms
  • Policy development
  • Training

On-farm Consultancy and Technical Advice

  • Rotation Planning
  • Processing Standards
  • Processing Operations
  • Conversion Planning
  • Soil and fertility management
  • Crop weed, pest and disease management
  • Livestock rationing and feed planning services
  • Animal welfare and health planning
  • Soil Analysis services – interpretation of soil analysis results from lab determinations.
  • Forage Analysis services – interpretation of forage analysis results from lab determinations.
  • Farmer collective support services – Advice provision to local organic farming groups


  • Training/Accreditation
  • Supplier/ farm performance audit and evaluation
  • Farmers groups
  • Mentoring groups
  • Demonstration farms
  • Meetings, Seminars, Courses
  • Food processing, manufacturing, packing, distribution and retailing.
  • Food processing to meet organic standards
  • Product and brand development
  • Food hygiene and safety
  • Quality system development