How WWOOF India works

We list organic farms and gardens across the country in which each host describes their farm, location, crops, and general responsibilities. Organic farmers/ institutions willing to host and accommodate volunteers are welcome to participate.

Some tips for new Hosts

You will place the volunteers in Organic farming projects only . From you, the hosts point of view, you will need to be able to provide volunteer work in organic farm (around 5 hours a day) accommodation and sufficient and hygienic food for free. In exchange you can expect to receive around 5 hours volunteering per day 5 days a week. This can be anything which is within reach of a willing visitor. Some typical examples of exchanges have been;, weeding, tree planting, house painting , doing the school run, cooking, general maintenance, fencing, office work, help with building, language tuition etc.

Remember wwoofers come for a different experience to what they are used to in their own country. Many are students on a year out, but some are skilled professionals on a break and others come simply to practice a language. This means that they should be made to feel part of the family. Hosts should interact with visitors as much as they can. WWOOF INDIA Organics Pvt Ltd is NOT set up to provide cheap labour. It is an exchange in which both parties should benefit.

When you register as a host, WWOOFERS who have shown interest in the areas that you have specified, are able to contact you through email or phone. It is then upon the volunteers contact you are entirely free whether you decide to offer some kind of exchange or not. Remember we only provide interested parties with a way to contact you ( your email is not given out or visible on the site) and the general area in which you live. After the first contact has been made, you can then provide more specific details should you wish to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do my wwoofer stay for?

This is entirely up to you. We recommend that you arrange, at first, a short period of time minimum 1 week as a trial period with the view of extending should both parties wish to (some volunteers have ended up staying up as long as a year and many become lifelong friends!) This gives both parties an "opt out clause" in case of unforeseeable circumstances, or you simply just don´t get on.


Simple yet nutritional, food will be served at all the farm. Utmost care is taken in preparing food hygienically, each meal served to the willing worker has distinct menu not repeated in other site

What type of accommodation am I expected to provide?

Again this depends entirely on you. From providing a tent in the garden, the guest room of your house. The important thing to stress is that volunteers know what type of accommodation to expect before their arrival. It should be clean and comfortable to sleep

What about food?

Food is included in the WWOOFing and in some exchanges the tasks of cooking and clearing up are also shared. This means that you are not expected to prepare three meals a day for your volunteers and likewise you can not expect them to cook for you every day on top of the work you provide (Unless part of the exchange is cooking!) Again the best thing is to make your wishes clear from the start to eliminate problems in the future. Remember it is a cultural exchange, so you should just carry on your normal eating times and cook with or provide the necessary without any special change. Should you wish to eat in the style of your visitors then again this is entirely up to you..

Organic farmers/ institutions willing to host and accommodate volunteers are welcome to participate. Criteria for accepting volunteers: length of stay, experience required, hours worked per day or week, etc. If you are an organic farmer, garden program, or farming community, and would like to be listed in the current WWOOF India list, please send a profile containing the following information:

Farm Profile

Please Include Rs 500 donation to be listed in WWOOF India.

No donation is required from small and marginal organic farmers (below 5 Acres/2hac).

Make bank draft or money order payable to M/S WWOOF India Organics Pvt Ltd , A 46 judge farms, Haldwani, Nainital, Uttrakhand, India Or you can send money transfer to

WWOOF India Organics Pvt Ltd, A/C number 02832000006922 , HDFC Bank , RTGS/NEFT IFSC code : HDFC0000283 MICR :263240002

Mr Harish Tewari PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK, G.B.Pant Agriculture University, Pantnagar, Uttrakhand, India (IFSC Code: PUNB0444600) Account Number PNB 4446000100028533 MICR Code:263024252

Or you can make a PayPal payment to following email

Through G Pay , PayTM , Phone pe : Phone number 9837240600

Any questions, comments or feedback are welcome

Mailing address of wwoof India coordinator : Harish Chander Tewari C/O WWOOF India Organics Pvt Ltd , A 46 judge farms, Haldwani, Nainital, Uttrakhand, India